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Kids Painting        We feel that children experience the greatest growth  when they feel secure and loved. Therefore, we at Early  Start Learning Center will provide a warm, caring,  confortable and safe enviroment for your children.  Together we will establish routines that are predictable and  consistent. All children will  be treated with gentleness,  honesty and respect.  We will encourage them to treat  others in this manner. Our classrooms cultivate an  unbiased atmosphere where children and parents are  encouraged to challenge their individual paradigms and  subsequently see society through a lens that celebrates  diversity of thought and culture.

        We are commited to children learning and believe that  educators are important role models. Therefore, we use  modeling as a vital tool in our classrooms. To maintain an  atmosphere where children feel confortable and confident,  we use constructive guidance and positive reinforcement.  We feel it is also necessary to establish and clearly define  reasonable limits. The children are encouraged to take  ownership in shaping our classroom dynamics through  openly sharing their work, ideas and personalities which  will enrich their peers and foster their intellectual  development.

         Early Start Learning Center advocates open  communication with parents, for they ultimately play the most vital role in their child's intellectual development. As much as we love to care for and guide children, we believe that parents should also be encouraged to be active participants in their children's education. Parents and teachers share a common priority: providing the best that they possibly can for the child. Working together, we believe, we can obtain the best development.  


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